Our Approach to Business is Simple

We Only Succeed...

When You Do.

Our Approach to Business is Simple, We Only Succeed When You Do.

A Boutique-Style Company with an International Reach.

At NewGate, we specialize in something unique: Making things happen in a win-win environment. Day in and day out, we do more than facilitate start-up opportunities and secure investors – we build partnerships.

Winter Park Angels is one of Florida’s most respected private investment groups, made up of seasoned business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with a common goal: to fuel business success.  

We’ve built a reputation for helping our clients get the best possible prices by finding institutional investors willing to purchase policies for substantially more than the cash surrender value.

For over 10 years, NewGate’s commercial real estate professionals provide retailers, developers, and executives with a customized service in the Central Florida area.