In the world of financial solutions, economies change and technologies advance, but one thing remains the same: the need for trust. NewGate Capital Partners has come a long way in a short time through our steadfast commitment to confidentiality.  We’re a collection of seasoned entrepreneurs who believe in things like integrity and long-term partnerships. Our unique approach to business is simple: We only succeed if you do. We’re thinkers, inventors, developers, networkers, researchers and generally nice people who just happen to be passionate about the American Dream.

At NewGate, each potential new client means only one thing: the opportunity to provide something exceptional. Whether it be incubating, fundraising or facilitating the sale of a mature business, NewGate focuses on important things like performance, integrity and trust. As your business partner, our job is to provide expert advice and then some: To earn your trust. To work with clients as partners. To devise better strategies and minimize risk. The Result? With each year that goes by, we find ourselves growing our portfolio and a long list of repeat clientele.


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Larry K. Walker

Founding Partner, NewGate Capital Partners

Executive Director, NewGate Mergers & Acquisitions

Founder, Winter Park Angels

Larry Walker co-founded NewGate in 2000. Today, he serves as Executive Director of Mergers and Acquisitions, where his team provides strategic business solutions to companies throughout Florida and beyond, “ We are great believers in innovation and NewGate welcomes early stage companies with the kind of experience and expertise that is difficult to find in today’s business climate.”

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Joe A. Alvarez, Jr.

Founding Partner, NewGate Capital Partners

Executive Director, NewGate Mergers & Acquisitions

Founder, Winter Park Angels

As Founder, Joe Alvarez oversees the direction and strategy for NewGate’s day-to-day operations, including marketing, sales, consulting and support. Joe’s focus is leadership, innovation and customer service, “It’s our job as a company to help clients succeed. We’re experts at finding creative ways to make things happen.”

Brett Andrews NewGate Capital Partner

Brett Andrews

Partner, NewGate Capital Partners

As a Partner, Brett focuses on deal sourcing, due diligence and pre-screening prospects, as well as working to establish strategic alliances and relationships with a network of institutional investors, “My focus is the pulse of the industry as a whole. I keep close tabs on what spaces are being invested in and where the industry is going.”

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Larry D. Maschhoff

Partner, NewGate Capital Partners

Larry Maschhoff joined NewGate as a Partner in 2015 after moving down to Florida from Illinois. With his extensive experience acting as President of several banks, Larry spends the bulk of his time analyzing the financial aspects of prospective deals as well as working closely with clients to generate effective plans to maximize profitability and subsequent investor returns.

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Chris Shenefelt

Partner, NewGate Capital Partners

After starting his career at Lockheed-Martin, Chris spent more than 20 years in the Washington DC area providing technical and executive leadership to firms ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. His focus is bridging the gap between engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs and the realities of creating and growing a successful business. He has held technical, management and C-level positions at Intersections, KTG Consulting, AES, Winstar, SAIC and Lockheed-Martin.

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Charlie W. Clayton III

Partner, NewGate Capital Partners

Charlie comes from a family of Central Florida Builders, Realtors and Developers. Charlie is presently active with 31 years experience in Real Estate Development, Commercial and Residential Construction. A Graduate of Mercer University with Bachelor of Science Degree.

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Monte Mitchell

Senior Associate, NewGate Capital Partners

Monte Mitchell is a Senior Associate of NewGate who specializes in business brokering, mergers and acquisitions. “My job is to assist business owners in exiting their companies. This is done in a highly confidential and professional manner. It’s my goal to make this as simple and efficient as possible for our clients. This is often one of the biggest transactions of their lives and I take pride in helping them reach their goals.”